Esther and Larraine, working for you

Esther and Larraine, working for you

Welcome to the campaign website for Esther Nagle and Larraine Jones.

We are the Plaid Cymru candidates for the Ystrad ward for the Local Government elections in May 2012.

We are very proud to have been selected by Plaid Cymru to stand in the Ystrad ward.  We promise residents of the ward (covering Ystrad and Gelli) that we will do everything in our power to deal with your issues, help you deal with life’s difficulties, and improve life in the ward.

We welcome any comments and feedback on this site, please note though that all comments will be approved before publishing, and anonymous posts will not be published, so please leave your name.

If there are any particular issues you would like us to investigate for you, or if you would like to help us with our campaign, please get in touch using any of the method available on our contact page.

We look forward to meeting you.