Dog fouling……

One of the constant issues that has come up as Larraine and I have been out knocking doors and talking to local people has been that of dog mess on the streets.

As well as being an unpleasant inconvenience when you get it on your shoes, or on the wheel of the pram, dog mess can be a real health hazard

If you are a dog owner, please consider your neighbours and fellow residents when you walk your dog.  Cleaning up your dog’s mess might not be the most pleasant aspect of dog ownership, but do you really want to be the person who leaves it behind for a child to pick up?  The damage that can be caused can be devastating…. Toxocariasis is a very nasty condition caused by dog mess, that can, in extreme cases, lead to blindness.  Young children are at most risk due to their immature immune systems, exactly the people who are most likely to accidentally come into contact with it.

Ystrad and Llwynypia Communities First have recently launched a campaign to encourage responsible dog ownership.  There are more dog mess bins around, and shops, libraries, post offices, schools and the sport centre have free bags available for dog owners to clean up after their dogs.  It isn’t hard to be a responsible dog owner, and it makes the environment much nicer, and healthier, for everyone if you do it.

If we all do our bit, we can have a nice, clean and healthy place for us all to enjoy.