Leanne Wood: Welsh Socialist and Republican. Feminist.

As a proud supporter of Leanne, I was thrilled to switch my phone on today, look at Facebook and see my timeline full of nothing but friends celebrating her well deserved victory! So I was delighted to see this blog from feministboyfriend, who is rapidly becoming one of my favourite bloggers!

My own thoughts on Leanne’s victory, and what this means for Wales, will come soon….

Feminist Boyfriend

Leanne Wood has been elected Plaid Cymru leader by the party faithfull. Interesting choice as she’s from outside the party’s Welsh language heartlands and is very radical from anyone’s perspective – anti both Labour and Conservative UK fiscal policy (favours a Keynesian approach), very green (favours a green revolution) and has a left wing politics that she developed during Thatcherism.

Also she describes herself as a political activist rather than a politician. So far so intersting, but what is most striking is that she describes herself as a feminist on her Twitter biog which reads:

Plaid Cymru. Welsh Socialist & Republican. Environmentalist. Anti-racist. Feminist. Valleys.

Which is remarkable in itself, as calling yourself a Feminist still isn’t a fashionable thing to do. The Lib Dems may have had Kirsty Williams as leader for a while now, but never has she identified herself so strongly with a set of ideas (as…

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