Petition to improve road safety on junction from Nantgwyddon Close to the New Road

I recently went to visit a lady who lives in Nantgwyddon Close in Gelli, who wished to highlight the problems and dangers caused by confusion over the junctions to the New Road from Nantgwyddon Close and the Gelli Industrial Estate. She, and her neighbours, are very concerned that there have been many accidents here over the years, and about the potential for a far more serious accident.

She wrote a page of information for me about the problem. As she is the expert in this issue I am simply going to replicate what she wrote, as she can explain it far better than I can.

When Gelli Industrial Estate was first opened, it was ‘Access only’ to the site. It soon became a throroughfare for all traffic.

Residents leaving Nantgwyddon Close have 3 lines of traffic to give way to

  1. from Treorchy
  2. From Tonypandy
  3. From the industrial estate

We all give way to Industrial site traffic, ie , give way to the right. Most motorists don’t slow down or halt coming up from the industrial estate.

The biggest problems arise when entering Nantgwyddon Close. All motorists always assume that we are going to travel down to the industrial estate. They do not appear to be aware of access to Nantgwyddon Close. Travelling from Treorchy to our site is particularly difficult, as we have to negotiate traffic from the industrial estate as well as on the main road from Tonypandy. (traffic emerging from the industrial estate will see a car indicating to turn left, and will assume that the driver is going to turn into the industrial estate, and could pull out into the path of a car that is going to travel an extra few metres into the next junction. There isn’t sufficient distance between the two junctions for them to indicate AFTER the entrance to the industrial estate).

This lady and her neighbours have tried for many years to get traffic calming measures put in place to reduce the dangers they (and other motorists) face by these problems. They would like to see a STOP sign at the very least, but preferrably a mini-roundabout, like the ones we have in Ton Pentre.

I also think that all drivers who travel on this road, and I am one of them, could help reduce the dangers in the short term by keeping in mind that there are two junctions coming onto the New Road there, and that they need to check for cars at the junction from Nantgwyddon Close.

I have created an online petition to collect signatures to support the residents of Nantgwyddon Close in their fight to make their driving experience safer. Don’t forget that it is not just the residents on Nantgwyddon Close who are affected; anyone who uses the industrial estate road and cNew Road is potentially affected by these dangers.

I also have paper petitions available which I will be distributing to local shops. Please sign and share the petition, and hopefully we can avoid a nasty accident on the New Road.