SEWTA Car Share website

Do you commute to work? Do you find the rising cost of petrol is taking more and more of your hard earned cash, as paying to get to work becomes more and more expensive? There may be a solution that will save you money, and allow you to share the burden of driving with someone else.

I have recently found out about the SEWTA car share scheme.

This is a really simple to use website, where you register your details, and information about the journey(s) you make, and see if anyone candles in the system can offer to share that journey with you. You can use the site if you wish to offer a lift, if you need a lift, or both. The site also calculates how much you can save by sharing the driving for the journey.

You can also use the facility for searching for shares for one off journeys, so for example, if you are driving to, say, Bristol, to see a show, you can see if anyone else is doing the same journey that night, saving both parties some money.

This is a really good scheme, that offers much potential to participants. Please let me know if you see this blog, sign up and have some success…..