Retweet for Work day

A CAMPAIGN to get people back to work, save national skills and fill vacancies in businesses of all sizes comes together on Retweet for Work Day this Thursday (December 8)

Entrepreneur Mark Barnes is organising the campaign which publicises individuals’ work skills on social media. “We want to match the vast amount of skill out there offered by people currently looking for work, with businesses needing work to be done,” he explained.

“There are many businesses – often small companies – who are struggling to find such skills. The idea is to put the two together so that people can be employed on an hourly, weekly or monthly rate which helps both businesses and individuals”.

People, looking for opportunities, are being urged to email their details with a link to their online presence to Mark and a team of volunteers who will then re-tweet details to everyone in the network, who then re-tweet their own and other participants details to their own networks. This way people with great skills, experience and knowledge get to promote themselves to hundreds of businesses and receive nationwide exposure. He has also arranged with the National Register of Consultants (NRC) to enter details of each participant onto their database at no cost.

At the same time, companies across the UK are being urged to Tweet their details of vacancies on Thursday. “This way, for one day at least and possibly longer, we may be able to get more people in paid work, and help companies with vacancies at the same time,” added Mark. Anyone interested in being involved is urged to email or call 07590 005692

* For further details contact Mark Barnes on 07590 005692 or email