Rough Guide to Community Energy

We are all aware of the wind farms above Ystrad and Ferndale, and the impending wind farms at the top of the valleys. These projects serve no benefit to the local community, no jobs or cheaper electricity come our way, and simply divide opinion and impact on the landscape of the area.

There are ways in which renewable energy can benefit the local area. M&S have published ‘The Rough Guide to Community energy which provides information and ideas for communities to work together and set up their own community energy projects, which can actually have financial benefits for the local community, including the provision of jobs and cheaper energy.

If you are a community group that is thinking about looking into something like this, or would like to set one up, then this booklet could be really useful reading. You can download it as a PDF through the link above, or can order a hard copy if you prefer a proper book to read!

If you do look into this, please keep us posted on your progress, and let us know if we can be of any help, thanks.