Keep Wales Tidy litter champion

A few months ago I signed up to be a Keep Wales Tidy “Litter Champion” because I was very concerned about the amount of litter that is left in the local area. I haven’t had a chance to do anything with it yet, a combination of being busy, and poor weather, has meant I haven’t been able to find the time.

I walked home from work one day last week, and while doing so, was really struck by the amount of litter on the ground throughout Ystrad, and vowed that I would make time this weekend to get out with my litter picker and high viz jacket and start being a litter champion.

Liam, my son, came with me, and was official photographer for the session!

I felt a bit silly at first, I am not used to wearing something so attention grabbing as a bright yellow high viz jacket, and did feel quite uncomfortable in it. But once I got into the swing of it, I just found myself enjoying the whole experience, and forgot about the jacket!

I had particularly wanted to clear litter from outside Bodringalt Primary School, as I had noticed a great deal of rubbish on the road leading to the school. We decided to walk down Bodringalt Terrace, collecting litter as we went, and to make the school our destination. There was a considerable amount of litter in the bag by the time we got to the school, but I was able to clear a great deal from around the school, including a broken umbrella and a large cardboard box that had just been thoughtlessly discarded. I saw a broken alcopop bottle, right outside the gate to the school, which disgusted me. Under the agreements signed with KWT I am not allowed to pick up items that could injure me or the refuse collector who picks up my bag, so I shall ring the street cleansing team tomorrow to ask them to deal with that.

I filled the two bags I took with me in about 3/4 hour. It would have been less had it not been for all the cigarette ends, which are incredibly difficult to pick up with the litter picker.

I will be going out on a regular basis to do my ‘Litter Champion’ duties. If anyone would like to join me then please let me know, I can arrange to get more equipment easily.

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